YFNA History Project

Young Friends of North America (YFNA) influenced generations of young Friends. If you were one of them, please share your story. The History Project is just beginning. See "How to Contribute to the Project" below.


I felt moved to help launch this project, and hope that the depth of the collective YFNA memory will reveal the richness of the YFNA experience. (I was clerk of YFNA from 1975-1977. I also travelled on the Women's Caravan during the summer of 1975.) The YFNA community was my spiritual family during the 1970s.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Past Conferences

  • 1955: Quaker Haven, Indiana. "Christian Love." (>150)
  • 1957: Paris, Ontario. "The Christian and the Community." (200)
  • 1959: Junction City, Kansas. "Prayer and Worship." (>170)
  • 1961: Lake Koronis, Minnesota. "Thy Will be Done: Spiritual Basis for Our Christian Service." (>190)
  • 1963: Staonton, Virginia. "And Who Do You Say That I Am?: The Nature and Meaning of Christ." (>170)
  • 1965: Syracuse, Indiana. "What Doth the Lord Require of Thee?" (100)
  • 1967: Poughkeepsie, New York. "Crisis in the Search for Community." (142)
  • 1969: Junction City, Kansas. "In the Midst of Revolution: Worship in Action."
  • 1970: Plainfield, Indiana. "Stewardship."
  • 1971: Devil's Lake, Wisconsin. "Relationship of Spiritual to Professional and Vocational Lives."
  • 1972: Gowen, Michigan. (No theme, no planned schedule) (90)
  • 1973: Colfax, Iowa. "Personal Basis of Faith: How God has acted in Our Lives." (150)
  • 1974: Divide Colorado. "Friends and Human Justice." (93)
  • 1975: Pottstown, Pennsylvania. "The Earth is the Lord's and the Fullness Thereof." (102)
  • August 9-16, 1981: Camp NeeKauNis, Waubaushene, Ontaio, Canada (with Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting). "Seeking That Which is Eternal."
  • July 25-31, 1982: Scattergood School, WestBranch, Iowa. "Life Work: Following the Leadings of the Spirit."
  • Seventh month 10-16, 1983: Camp Adams, Molalla, Oregon. "Transformation Through Prayer."
  • Sixth month 24-30, 1984: Camp Galilee, Terra Alta, West Virginia. "Moving into God's Love: Alternative Futures."

Thanks to Caroline McCoy for sharing her research, and providing the bulk of this material. Please send additions and corrections. Note that we are missing 1976-1980, and conferences prior to 1955.

How to Contribute to the Project

The Project is collecting personal narratives and special remembrances, including, but certainly not limited to:
  • How YFNA influenced your life
  • Reflections on worship and meetings for business
  • Major issues, concerns, controversies
  • Meaningful activities (singing, hiking, food, etc.)
  • What influence YFNA has had on the greater Society of Friends

Send me an email, and I will make sure your narrative gets posted to this blog, or send me a letter via post.

If you have photos, and can send them electronically, I will post them to this blog. If you do not have the technological means to do this, just send me the originals, and I will return them in a timely manner. If possible, identify people, place, date and activity.

What will be the end result of this collecting? Perhaps something published, perhaps not. Maybe this blog, itself. I think the YFNA story is an important one, so this is a beginning.

Lisa Lister

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